31 Days of Preparing for Baby, Day 8

Day 8: Pediatrician Interview

This is something that you really need to do, before baby arrives.  Our hospital wouldn't let us take our daughter home without having a checkup scheduled in 2 days.  So do some research and find someone you like before baby arrives.

  • When you meet with the doctor bring a list of questions.  
  • Make sure you and your spouse both like the doctor.
  • Just important as the doctor, is the office staff.  Are they kid friendly?
  • Did they handling your billing to your satisfaction?

I have not always had the best relationships with my doctors.  There were signs that we would not get along, but I ignored them.  Please, be proactive and find someone you can trust.  I've got to through this out there while we are talking about doctors, do your own research and be your own best health advocate.

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