31 Days of Preparing for Baby, Day 19

Day 19:  Go to a meeting

After taking Bradley classes where the focus is all about the birth, it was refreshing for me to attended aLa Leche League meeting. At the LLL meeting there were moms with children of all ages and it was nice to see them settled into motherhood, no matter how their births went.

I was still pregnant and felt kinda strange going to the meeting without a baby in my arms. But I'm so glad I went before she was born. They offered up lots of helpful ideas about taking care of babies (not all nursing related, but mostly).

One major perk I hadn't anticipated was I knew some to call if I had trouble. Plus when I did attend the meeting for the first time with my daughter, I knew how to get there, where to park and the best route through the building. And there were friendly familiar faces at the meeting.

So I highly recommend you attend a meeting before your baby arrives!

There are lots of mom groups, you don't have to attend a LLL meeting to have this kind of experience. Meetups is a great site to find out what mom's are doing in your area. MOPS is a very popular group among several of my Facebook friends (it wasn't for me but that's another story).

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