31 Days of Preparing for Baby, Day 20

Day 20: Prepare for nursing

Nursing is like a marriage.

If you go into it thinking you will “give it a try.” You will most likely not succeed. You have got to have the attitude of commitment. There will be bumps in the road, and you will get frustrated. It is not always easy, but in the long run the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

Get a support team.

It is so helpful if your spouse is on board. Have him attend the LLL meeting with you. At first he might think it's weird (men are so weird about boobs), but he will enjoy the benefits of nursing. Babies often sleep better, their diapers don't stink, and much less crying (just put them on the boob and it's really hard to cry and nurse at the same time).

Find friends or join a LLL group in your area. Not sure about face-to-face contact. Then get online and into some nursing forums. LLL has them, Facebook, Baby Center, Yahoo, really the list goes on.
There is so much information on the web now, that almost anything you are questioning or having trouble with, with a quick search you will find countless other woman who have are going through the same thing.

Nursing Station.

Set up where you think you will be nursing. Get a comfortable chair – you will be spending a lot of time in it.

Mine is in the living room with easy access to TV remotes, plug-ins for my phone and computer. (Note, I did not have smart phone when my daughter was born, and I wish I had. There are so many great baby apps, ways to share pictures, and communicate with the outside world. So this is now a must have at my nursing station.)

I stock mine with non-perishablesnacks, water bottles, and LOTS of books. I do keep the baby book with a nice pen there, so I can update it often. (I'm so glad I did this with my daughter, her first year is well documented thanks to our nursing sessions. I hope to do this with our son too!)

Be sure to have extra blankets (burp rags) and tissues. Keep some nursing pads on hand. I use Lansinoh disposables and waterproof bamboo washable nursing pads. It's good to have nipple cream too. I didn't need this unless I was using a breast pump.

The new edition of the Womanly Art ofBreastfeeding is amazing. Really everyone who is even thinking about nursing should have a copy of this book. There are mom stories, helpful advice, and the wording is just wonderfully supportive and encouraging.

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