Baby News and Update

I hope you enjoyed the last series 31 Days of Preparing for Baby as much as I did!  With the arrival of our little boy, I thought it was time for an update.

My sweet baby boy Reilly was:
Born on: September 10th
Weighted: 10 pounds
and was 22 inches long

Yes, I make big babies! 

His favorite thing to do is:  Sleep - he sleeps all the time and doesn't wake up for much.
He loves to look at contrast.  He has a dark striped blanket that he loves to stare at.

We spend most days nursing, and watching big sister.

My daughter has been adjusting to life with baby brother well.  She is so sweet with him, and my heart melts every time she says, "Where's baby brother?"  or "Kiss him?" 

It's great all the games she is already playing with him.  She counts his fingers and toes, plays peak-a-boo, creepy little mouse, she reads and sings to him, and does a crazy thing that I can only describe as an interpretative dance for him! 

He might be the easitest baby ever, he sleeps and isn't bothered by much.  He even sleeps through diaper changes.  We are so blessed and happy to have another little one to love.  It's amazing how God knew this little one was meant to be in our family.

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