Friday Rambelings

Not much has been done this week, or last week.  My 4 month old has decided he can't nurse or nap without me laying down with him.  So cooking, cleaning, and any hopes of writing are put on hold while I take care of him.

Meal prep is challenging to say the least.  I've realized my go-to wheat free, dairy free meals all center around ground beef.  Anyone else get stuck in meal ruts like I do?

Ground beef just tastes better than ground turkey.  To me ground turkey needs to be exchanged for beef in strong flavor dishes (like chili).  Venison needs special dishes so the game taste isn't over powering (I successfully swapped it in a stew last week after a lot of prep work to remove the game taste).

On days where I'm stuck, it's hard to not call for pizza.  What I've been doing instead is heading out to the web and typing in a few ingredients and seeing what pops up. It's dinner roulette.  It's fun to try new things and use up forgotten items from my freezer.  

I made a sweet potato shepherd's pie and ground turkey haystacks this week.  Not the best meals, but they were good and they were "free" (everything I put in was from the freezer).

What keeps you out of a food rut?  Where do you go for inspiration?