Mystifying Bedcovers

Mystifying Bedcovers:

For 10 years now we have been trying to solve the mystery.  Every night the covers start at the top of the bed, but by the end of the night they magically move to the bottom right corner of the bed.  They never move to the bottom left. 

This magical occurrence only happens when we are both sleeping.  If I'm by myself the covers stay in the same place all night (and the same is true if my husband sleeps alone).

The problem is exasperated by having kids in and out of the bed during the night.  The covers never stay put and I wake up cold a lot.

At this point I think we will never solve the mystery.

Every morning I get to wake up slightly cooler than I would like, and I yank the covers up and over to my side.  

Does this frustrate me?  Yes.

Does this make me smile?  Every day! 

Because every day I am reminded that I share my home and my bed with my loves.  That's worth being a little cool in the mornings, and never solving the mystery.
Do you have an unsolved mystery in your home?  I'd love to hear about it!