Outside Undies

The back story:

Moved to a new home and we are still figuring out where things go.  We have a nice master suite, with a walk-in closet.  The closet is on the opposite side of the bedroom from the bathroom.  So a pile of clothes ends up on the floor in the bathroom and not in the basket in the closet.

The solution:

Put a basket in the bathroom!  I thought this was brilliant.  Really, problem solved...or so I thought.

Here is a picture of what I found the next day:
Yep, undies next to the basket.  Humm.

Now in all fairness I'm sure my sweet hubby was being considerate.  I hadn't told him I put a dirty clothes basket in the bathroom.  He probably thought it was a safer bet to put them on the floor instead of in a potentially clean clothes basket. (Yes I do have a system for where I put clean baskets of clothes, because with 2 littles I don't always get to put clothes away.)

The Reality:

After 11 years of marriage, his undies next to the laundry basket remind me of the man I married.  He has always had piles of clothes everywhere.  Nothing I do or say will change this. 

We've discussed hooks, other pile locations (like a chair instead of the floor), and shockingly enough if he still thinks they are clean (I should mention his piles are segregated into variations of cleanness) he could put them away.  But these conversations yield no results. 

This clothes pile making habit was formed long before we met and it is part of his make up.  I've tried to modify this behavior of his, but there is only one conclusion:  I will never be able to change him.  (period)

Now when I see piles how I react is,my choice.  I used to get mad, but that made no one happy, especially me.  So now I choose to find this quirk funny.  The choice was hard to make at the beginning, but now the response is so ingrained it's natural.  I laughed out loud when I saw this!

It's hard sharing a house with someone, little habits can get annoying over the years.  Unless you choose to laugh at the absurdities of life, life will wear you down.

So let's laugh together, I'd love to hear about your spouses' quirks that you have chosen to find funny!

Here's another picture, for good measure!