I hope your family can use these beautiful books.  Watch the videos and see if they will fit into your homeschool.  I hope that they do.  Any questions or suggestions please contact me.

WorkBooks for Kids:

This is a big book with lots of fun activities great for Summer School and Homeschoolers.   They will have fun thinking about the seasons, moon phases, the 5 senses, patterns and even maps.  Perfect for 4-8 year olds and anyone who loves to draw and write!

Nature, Journal, Notebook, Science, Charlotte Mason, Nature Study, Homeschool

Coloring book, ABC, copy work, Poems and more!  This book is one your kid won't want to put down.  (Best for 5-9 yr olds)

bible, verse, kids, coloring book, abc, copywork, homeschool

26 Bible Verses for Young Adults Volumes 1 and 2
coming soon!!
These are devotions, journals and coloring books with
 weekly Bible verses for memorization and study.

Journals for Mom's:

Homeschool, Hours Log, Journal, Missouri

This log book is best for families with 1-2 kids.  Designed for tracking hours per Missouri Homeschool Law.  This book has a page with core and non-core subject ideas, pages for book resources lists along with 53 weeks of lesson planning pages and monthly hours tally sheet.

Track your child's progress with this beautiful evaluations log.  With 12 categories, and then it repeats 14 times.  So this book is wonderful for 1 child for their whole schooling career, or for large families having to track many children.

This book combines the 2 previous books, for an all-inclusive book.  Perfect for 1-2 kids.  Track hours, and then there are quarterly evaluations.

Homeschool, Hour Log, Evaluation, Missouri, Planner, Log book, Journal

(The 2 above books are designed to be used with Home Learning Year by Year.)

This book has 4 weekly pages.  Lots of space to document activities and keep track of hours every week of the year.   Perfect for 3-5 kids.  There are 5 individual summaries in the back

Missouri Homeschool hours log

Every page is hand drawn, and every page is unique.  
Plan your month in this beautiful all-in-one coloring book, journal and planner.

Adult Coloring, Coloring, Planner, Journal, Schedule, Homeschool

Buried Treasure

I wrote a devotional book about marriage in 5 years later I'm releasing a second edition that has coloring pages, and lots of space to write as you study!

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