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Easter Celebration

What did you do this weekend?  On Easter weekend you are sure to hear some of the following:

Egg hunt (or hunts)
Visiting family
Celebrating Jesus
Easter family dinner

That's all fairly normal, and we did all of those.  But we did something unexpected.  Well something I wouldn't have guessed.

We plowed a field.  All of us!  
Here we are waiting for Daddy in the truck.

My hubby got a new toy, it's called a plotmaster.  He can get this into small places and it can be pulled behind his 4-Wheeler.

Surprisingly enough it can also be pulled behind his truck which why all of us ended up helping him.

We all pilled in the truck and headed to the property.  Originally we were just going to drop off the plotmaster, but I mentioned we could use the truck.  Hubby was very excited to try it out.

We found a field that hadn't been plowed in decades, and got to work.  The kids and I were bounced, jostled, and spun around while we held on in the truck cab.  Soon we could smell the sweet aroma of fresh dirt, and we were ready to spread some seed.

Can you see the pass?  I know it's hard, it got better after 20 passes!
My husband said more than once how glad he was that we'd come along, and how much fun he was having.  I'm thrilled our family created this memory together. 

In a way this is a perfect celebration for Easter.  Cultivating new life and all that.  Just wasn't what I thought we'd be doing this past weekend.

How about you anything unexpected this weekend?

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