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Great Love for this Country

This was a Facebook status a few years ago from a friend of mine:

"You know how when you get to college and beyond and what happened in high school seems petty and irrelevant? Glad that's the way the USA will finally be seen when we get to heaven. It served its purpose, but was not the most important thing in the grand scheme after all."

Hummm....I really don't know where she was going with this.  I know I would not post something like this on Facebook.   It's weird to me, is it mean?  Is she praising God?  Really don't know! 

But this really got me thinking about a few things.  (Might or might not be related to her train of thought.)

Love, we all have four great loves of our life, according to the book "Success".

1) God
2) Family
3) Country
4) Work

Now a man wrote this book, and I'm not sure that women would have the same great love list (mine might include food - chocolate and coffee) but that is just a side note. I'm actually using his book to make a point.

Country was included on this great love list.  I know the nations are raise up by God and He rules them and dictates whether or not they rise and fall.  A country would have to be something to value and be worth dying for.  I think about all the families over the course of history who have made sacrifices for their countries.

Would my friend have the same opinions if she were raised in another country?

Men love their country, mother land, and are willing to die for it. There is honor, respect, and value to that. To say it doesn't mean anything lessens the sacrifices of all the soliders and families have made over the years and are still making today.

I think my friend who wrote this has a very limited view point on this issue. But I'm sure she is thankful to live in a country where she is free to question and voice her opinions.

Our country has its problems but it has value and I am blessed to live here. Take a walk through our nations capital and you will see memorial after memorial. We have a great nation because of sacrifice for the greater good.

I choose to believe that all those lives matter and that our country matters to our loving God. He is in control of nations, He raises kings and our freedom and standing up for peoples rights, matter to Him.

This life prepares us for the next, just like high school prepares us for college.

Dear God,

Help me to see my friends as you see them.  Our view points are so different, but come from a place of love.  I know I will not always understand them, but I can love them and value them.  Thank you Heavenly Father for the family and friends that I do have.  You have blessed me and my life is rich and full because of them.  

As we celebrate the birth of our Nation, I pray that we take the time to thank you.  Creator of all things, for the freedom our nation provides. Amen.

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