About Me

Hello and welcome to be Simply Better.  

I hope you stay awhile and enjoy.

  about me:

  • I am an engineer turned stay at home mommy.   Being home with my daughter is the hardest, most challenging and best-est job ever.  She brings joy to my days and I love getting to be with her.
  • I not only drank the homeschool kool-aid....but the unschooling as well.  We are living our lives, exploring this world and learning through living!  It is so exciting, everyday is a new adventure and we can't wait to get up and investigate our curiosities.
  • My husband and I met in college, we fell-in-love over calculus.  He is my other half, and I thank God everyday that he is in my life.  We were married in May of 2003, and moved to Michigan to begin our engineering careers.
  • We were blessed to both find jobs, and work at the same plant.  The only downside was shift work.  For the first 3 years of marriage I worked 6AM - 3PM and he worked 9PM-6AM (and most weekends).
  • When we finally got onto a similar schedule, it was like we were newlyweds all over again.  We had lived together, but didn't know how to live together...it was an adjustment!
  • We  moved back to Missouri (where we went to college, and I grew up).  Being close to family and friends was awesome. But now we are in Florida, enjoying the "vacation" and nice weather, but missing the seasons and our friends. UPDATE - we are moving back!!


Fun facts about me....

  • I have a love hate relationship with cooking.  I like to eat yummy food, but I don't like to do dishes or stand on my feet for hours just to eat a few bites of food.
  • I'm currently 9 months into Keto and love being off carbs!  Hubby and I both lost weight and have tons of energy.  I love feeding my family whole nutritious foods that are locally grown.
  • I love to read.  I will try almost any book (as long as it's not scary).  Self-help, cookbooks, organization, romance, historical, but my favorites are teen fantasy; big changes, romance and saving a world from destruction! .
  • I enjoy HGTV.  As a family we like to do home improvement projects.  At the beginning of 2012 we took a wall out between our kitchen and dinning room.  In 2013 we gave our kitchen a very cheap but beautiful face-lift.  Now we are renovating or Farmhouse and ready to big it into the 21st century! Follow along on Instagram (@myozarkhomestead 

Enough about me, how about this blog.  

I created be Simply Better to encourage and inspire others.   

Please check out my books and see if they would be a good fit for your family.  What I make through book sales keeps this little blog going.

This blog should be a happy place where you can come to find hope.  I hope you sign up for the newsletter and check back with us often.